Student Learning Center

Mission Statement

In order to maintain a student-learning-centered campus, we offer students support outside the classroom by building learning commons and providing learning activities, learning assistance, and learning assessment.


  • 1.Learning Commons:
       Creating learning spaces for group discussion and online learning.
  • 2.Learning Activities:
       Autonomous Learning Groups, Learning strategies forum, Reading Clubs.
  • 3.Learning Assistance:
       Web site of learning resources, Quantitative Course Tutoring Centers, Career Development Consultancy, Writing Centers.
  • 4.Learning Assessment:
       The Student Learning Outcome Information System (e-Portfolio).
Location: the Fr. Schutte Bld. 4F
Telephone: +886-(0)2-2905-6412 Fax: +886-(0)2-2905-3779
Web site: